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Bay Business Edge, Inc. offers computer repair services to all Dunedin business owners. We have a proven track record of providing fast, high quality computer repair to customers that need their computers, laptops and notebooks fixed right the first time. Unlike many other computer repair shops, we focus on getting business operations up and running fast without sacrificing quality. We want to make sure your Dunedin business isn't down, we understand the importance of having your business equipment running all the time and that is our number one goal.


Bay Business Edge, Inc. will come to your Dunedin business so you will not have to unplug your computer and bring it to our shop. Almost all repairs can be completed onsite at your location, in some cases we have to take your system back to the office for time consuming repairs, which will save you money, because you won't be billed while the computer is running time consuming diagnostics, software installs or updates.



Recent Dunedin Computer Repair


Emergency Computer Repair for Local Dunedin Business

How we did it: Bay Business Edge, Inc. received a call from a local Dunedin business that their cash register (Point of Sale "POS") computer was not working. We immediately dispatched a computer technician to get the system back up and running. Upon arrival at this Dunedin business our technician was shown the "dead" computer. First step was to make sure it wasn't something simple like a bad power cable, broken power switch or something unplugged from the back of the Dell computer. After the brief inspection the technician removed the side of the Dell Dimension tower case and checked to make sure everything was secure and nothing looked obviously damaged. Next step was troubleshooting the hardware inside the system. After a few tests the technician was able to diagnose the problem as a bad power supply inside the Dell tower. The technician replaced the Dell power supply, cleaned the dust from the inside of the tower, double checked all connections and tested the computer. The Dell booted up and was successfully booted into Windows 7.0 within a minute and the customer was ecstatic.


If you need a computer repaired or serviced in Dunedin please give us a call. We offer a free consultation to all business customers. Toll Free: 888-333-9340


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