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Bay Business Edge is one of the leading Microsoft Exchange Server service providers in Florida. We specialize in Exchange Server installation and migration. Our Exchange experts are trained on all Windows Server operating systems and older versions of Exchange. Migrating from Exchange Server 2000 or Exchange Server 2003 to Exchange Server 2007 is not easy, but our Exchange experts will make it look easy.


Microsoft Exchange Server setup and installation is a very involved and detailed process. When setting up Exchange 2007, one thing to keep in mind is that you must have 64-bit hardware. So if you are using Microsoft Server 2008 Small Business Server you will need 64-bit hardware to install the product.


To perform the install for Microsoft Server 2008 Small Business Server with Exchange 2007 we recommend using either IBM server, Dell Power Edge server, or HP server with 64-bit support. We also recommend a large amount of ram when dealing with Exchange 2007 since holds all of the system ram. You can limit this function in the registry but it’s not recommend limiting the Exchange 2007 mailbox storage ram memory limit.


If you need assistance in installing Microsoft Server 2008 with Exchange Server 2007 please call us to schedule a free network consultation or click here to fill out a quick online form.






Interesting Fact for Microsoft Exchange 2007



Exchange 2007 is designed to handle larger mailbox stores than Exchange 2003 and is setup to handle a larger workload. Once you have Exchange 2007 installed and up and running, you will notice that the Information Store is taking all of the server memory. This allows Exchange to use all the servers free memory, which it then releases as programs make a request for memory. One of the reasons Microsoft decided to design the system like this was because ram is much faster compared to the hard drive I/O. This gives you better performance when dealing with much larger databases and a heavy workload. This has nothing to do with hardware and performs the same on any hardware platform.


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