Remote Computer and Network Service
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Bay Business Edge, Inc. is one of the top Remote IT Support companies in Florida. We were one of the first companies nationwide to offer complete network and server support via remote control (RDP) and Terminal Server. Using remote support technology we are able to repair a clients problem in real time, without having to waste valuable time driving to the business location. All Bay Business Edge Technicians and Network Engineers are available to handle a remote support call so you are never down for an extended period of time. Each Technician or Engineer is trained and certified to perform remote support and remote repair.


Remote support is very popular for small and medium sized businesses that need constant access to computer and network experts, without the expense and overhead of having one on staff. We offer multiple service plans for full remote support, each plan is based on the amount of monthly hours your business will need.


Remote Computer & Network Services
Computer Service and Support
Email Account Troubleshooting
Help Desk Support
Internet Explorer Problems
Network Access Problems
Network Drive Mapping
Server Drive Mapping
Printer Driver Installation
Employee Monitoring
Software Installation
Security Update Installation
Antivirus Maintenance
Remote Server Administration
Complete Hard Drive Failure





Recent Remote Service Success Story


Windows 2003 Server Down, Can't Login to Server

Our support line received an emergency phone call from a medium sized business in Hillsborough County (Brandon/Tampa) that needed help getting their Windows 2003 Server accepting logins. In most cases a tech needs to be scheduled and then you have a 1-2 hour wait for the tech to make it to your location depending on where you are located. But using our remote service we were able to resolve the problem within the hour, much faster than waiting for a service technician to arrive. Our network engineers have years of experience and can spot an issue without a lot of troubleshooting and get it resolved quickly. We setup every new customer with the ability to use the remote support option, it is absolutely free to install and configure.


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