Windows Server 2008 Migration Service
migration service for Server 2003 to Server 2008


To start the migration you will need to have the new Windows 2008 Small Business Server and Windows 2003 Small Business Server running at the same time. Both servers will be active under the same domain, each server will have a separate NETBIOS name. In this example we used DATASERVER1 as the Windows 2003 Server name and DOMAINSERVER as the Windows 2008 Server name.


Since they are both domain controllers, both will replicate to each other and all network accounts you had in the on the 2003 Server will migrate over during the installation. The only thing that will need to copied over is the "User Shares" for the roaming profiles, Exchange mail boxes will need to be migrated to the 2007 Exchange mailbox store and the printer settings will need to be configured.


Another thing to keep in mind, when you install Microsoft Windows 2008 SBS server is that it auto detects the answer file and will perform a large majority of the entire installation for you with minimal information needed.



Critical Migration Steps Overview For Exchange Database / User Shares / Files


1) Create Answer File for Windows 2008 SBS installation.


2) Load necessary patches and updates to the current 2003 SBS Active Directory schema.


3) Raise the 2003 Active Directory functional level to the highest possible level.


4) Run "forestprep" and "domainprep" on the current Windows 2003 SBS


5) Install Windows 2003 SP1 for SBS before upgrading to Microsoft Windows 2008 SBS server.





Common Error During Windows 2008 Small Business Server Installation


Problem/Error Message: "Active Directory replication is taking longer than expected. You can choose whether to continue waiting. If you choose not to wait, the migration may fail. Unless you are sure that replication is working correctly, it is recommended that you continue waiting." Then it says: "Do you want to wait for replication to finish?" (Yes\No).


If you receive this message please stop and call Bay Business Edge, Inc. We have developed a fix for this issue and can make sure the remainder of your installation goes smooth. It is extremely important that you do not continue for two reasons; 1) We have seen many cases where the migration has failed and the source server Active Directory becomes corrupt and causes the server to blue screen and fail to boot. 2) It's a much smoother migration to perform the necessary steps to correct this error prior to proceeding. It's a lot cheaper too. Our organization has a lot of experience with Microsoft Windows 2008 SBS migrations and can help you with top level support. Regardless if you choose to use our organization or not, please follow the steps above to minimize risk of failure. If you have server migration questions please email us and one of our engineers can assist you with the migration. We offer full Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Migration Service and Support.


If you have any Windows 2008 migration questions please call us for a free consultation 888-333-9340.



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