Backup Solutions for Businesses in Tampa Bay
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Please read this page carefully. This is one of the most important pages on our website. Imagine if your company lost it's priceless data like customer records, financial information, database files, emails, business documents, and other critical business data. What would happen to your company? What if you lost multiple critical items. It happens everyday to business owners who did not know that their information was at risk.





Reasons to Backup Your Data
Hard Drive Failure
Virus Infection
Employee Sabotage
Natural Disaster
Theft / Burglary
Accidental File Deletion
File or Corruption




Bay Business Edge Backup Solutions



Business Edge Protect 1000 (1-20 Workstations, 1 Server)


Typical Client: Business with 1-20 employees. This is our most popular Backup Solution for a few reasons. First your files our stored offsite so your data is not at risk. Every file is encrypted before it leaves your computer / server to ensure no files our compromised. Your files our stored in our data center, which is equipped with diesel generators, redundant servers, 24/7 security, and backup experts on location.


To Order This Service Please Call 888-333-9340




Business Edge Protect 3000 (21-100 Workstations, 1-5 Servers)


Typical Client: Business with 20-100 employees. This backup solution is similar to the BEP1000. The main difference is we have a backup technician visit your business on a monthly basis to make sure all systems we backup are running correctly and we do a sample restore of data. Like the BEP1000 solutions your data backups are stored in our secure data center in Atlanta, GA. Our data center offer 24/7 security guards, diesel generators, redundant servers, and data backup experts on location. This service is only available to businesses in our service areas.


To Order This Service Please Call 888-333-9340




Why Use an Off Site Service and How it Works


Our off site backup service can replace or compliment an existing backup system. Most businesses don't know how to monitor or check their existing backup systems, and even when they check them, it's not always setup correctly and the data they need isn't on the tapes. This service takes the responsibility out of your hands, because we check it daily and manage it for you. The monthly fee covers unlimited restores and unlimited size so you won't out grow the service.


The off site backup service works like this:


1. We install software on your server that backs up your entire system every night to a secure off site server. That means if something happens at your office like theft, fire, virus or a hard drive failure your data is off site in a second location, away from any potential harm.


2. We monitor each backup client to make sure that the backup is completing successfully every night.


3. When data loss occurs you just call and we can restore the files remotely and you will be back in operation fast. So for a small monthly fee, you will never have to worry about your data backups again.


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