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We offer a complete IT support solution that covers computer repair, networking, website hosting and development and much more. Our goal is to be your one stop for anything computer related. Each Bay Business Edge employee undergoes constant training to stay up on the latest small and medium business technologies, which gives our customers a technological advantage over their competitors.


If quality and price is your main concern then you have found the right company to help you with your computers, network, servers, website's and other IT infrastructure. We not only match prices so you are sure to get the best price for computer service, network service and website services, but we also have a money back guarantee which gives new customers the piece of mind they desire when finding a new service company.



Seminole Network Support and Server Maintenance / Installation



Bay Business Edge started off by providing high level enterprise network support and to this day, we are one of the best networking firms in Florida. We achieved our status by offering enterprise level support at great rates and by covering all major server platforms (Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows 2003 and Windows 2008). When a business needs network or server related service, they know they can call us and get their problem resolved. That has been our goal from day one.


We also offer server backup systems, data recovery, password recovery, server virtualization (Hyper-V or VMWare ESX), server installation, server migration and much more. Our Network Engineers are all trained in all Microsoft Exchange Servers, SQL Server, Sharepoint and other enterprise level server software packages.


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Seminole Computer Repair and Computer Service



Computer repair and service is a necessity in almost every business. But it doesn't have to be a costly necessity. We offer service plans that make computer service a controlled expense, using a mixture of remote support (saves travel time and hourly expense) and software tools (spyware, hardware monitoring and antivirus software). When a business is under a service contract with us, you will just need to make a call or email request and we can fix most problems without coming to your location. The only time remote support doesn't work is if the computer in question has a virus, no Internet connection or cannot boot up.


The following operating systems are supported by all of our technicians Microsoft Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.0, as well as all Office versions and other popular Windows software.






Recent Seminole IT Business Service Project


Medium Sized Business Network Setup

Bay Business Edge was recently hired by a medium sized insurance company (40 employees) to setup a new computer network and new workstations. Their old network and computers were constantly having problems and employee production was severely limited due to the network speed and computer problems.


We were hired to setup 2 new Dell Poweredge servers, 45 Dell workstations, Cisco router and new 1GB network switches. The old servers were both running Windows 2000 and the workstations were running Windows 98 and Windows XP. The new infrastructure is based on Windows Server 2008 for the application server and domain controller, they were also upgrading to Exchange 2007 from MEnable. The workstations are all running Windows Vista Business. The switchover was set for a weekend (Friday 6PM to Monday 5AM). The servers were setup prior to the switchover date, so the only thing that had to be done to the servers was a data sync. Friday night all of the hardware, servers and workstations were switched out, and by Saturday 8PM the entire project was complete. Sunday their systems and software were tested and other than a few minor glitches the migration was flawless.


If you need assistance with any type of Network Server or other Server support please give us a call. We specialize in Server Virtualization and Server Consolidation. We offer a free consultation to all business customers. Toll Free: 888-333-9340


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