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We offer full IT Business Computer Service for all St. Petersburg, Florida business owners. Bay Business Edge is focused on providing leading edge technologies and managed services that improve small and medium sized business IT environments and their bottom lines. Each one of our business customers is treated the same, whether you have 5 workstations or 100 workstations. We do this with a unique blend of managed services including off site backups, network monitoring, network administration, employee Internet usage monitoring, server security auditing and much more.


Every St. Petersburg networking customer is assigned a network engineer at no charge, they are assigned to you and will learn your network inside out. This makes Bay Business Edge stand out, we are one of the only computer service companies in Florida that assign a specific employee to each customer. We have found that this creates a great Business to Business relationship and customer service levels are outstanding. This service is free to all customers, it is our way of staying ahead of the competition.


We have a staff of computer repair technicians, network engineers, website designers, website marketers, network administrators, computer consultants and more that cover business customers throughout Pinellas County.



St. Petersburg Network Support and Server Maintenance / Installation



Bay Business Edge is the premier network service and server repair IT firm in St. Petersburg. We cover the entire city of St. Petersburg including St. Pete Beach and surrounding cities. Our Network Engineers can handle network environments of any size. Each technician is trained in all Windows Server operating systems including Windows 2000, Windows 2003 Server and Windows 2008 Server. All Engineers can perform network/server administration, server hardware troubleshooting and replacement, data backup maintenance, network hardware testing/troubleshooting and more.


Each Network Engineer is also trained in network security procedures, data backup procedures, user management procedures, network performance monitoring, network improvement, server memory management, license tracking/auditing/management, firewall configuration and much more. Popular network software we support for our St. Petersburg networking customers: Citrix, Microsoft Exchange Server, Symantec Corporate Antivirus, Lotus Notes, IBM Domino, Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server.


We also offer VOIP services, VMWare ESX, VMWare VSphere, Hyper-V, Exchange hosting, virtual server hosting, security camera installation, data recovery, lost server password recovery, network cable installation and many more business IT services in St. Petersburg.


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St. Petersburg Computer Repair and Computer Service



Bay Business Edge offers St. Petersburg businesses full service computer, notebook, server and laptop repair. Each technician is trained in hardware troubleshooting, hardware upgrade, spyware removal, virus removal, Windows operating system problems, printer trouble and much more. If your computer equipment is out of warranty we can help you get your equipment back up and running with original parts or better. If your system is still under warranty are certified technicians can help you as well.


Every Bay Business Edge computer technician carries a special set of software tools that is updated daily with the latest anti virus, anti spyware, Windows patches, security patches and performance monitoring tools. This valuable tool saves the customer significant time / money and reduces the downtime while increasing the performance of the system in question.


We offer a wide variety of monthly services to help minimize costs to business owners when it comes to St. Petersburg IT Service and St. Pete IT Support. Our must popular and most recommended managed service is the Offsite Backup service. This service is very affordable and one of the most valuable and critical parts of your IT system. We install software on your server / workstation that uploads your data files to a secure offsite server. If your system crashes, there is a theft, sabotage, fire or flood your data is just a few clicks away.


The following operating systems are supported by all of our technicians Microsoft Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.0, as well as all Office versions and other popular Windows software.





Recent St. Petersburg IT Business Service Project


Connected Four Locations Together Using Active Directory

How we did it: Installed Windows 2003 Active Directory for a local law firm. Setup a Windows 2003 Active Directory configuration with 4 different sites with a different IP subnet assigned to each site. The first site we used a S1 subnet for the second location we used S2 subnet, for the third Active Directory site we used S9 subnet and for the forth Active Directory site we used S11 subnet. This worked well with an Active Directory domain controller at each location. We setup DNS on each server and setup replication services to allow data transfer to specific IP's so that we could ensure that only the Active Directory domain controllers could replicate the domain name service with authenticated machines only. The domain names service stores a directory of files with the extension .DNS for Microsoft.


Next we created a backup of this directory along with a system state to protect the server data in case of data corruption or hardware failure. Using the Active Directory sites and services tab we setup replication between each site so that all the domain controllers replicated any new machine accounts and user accounts on the network. We also setup reverse DNS records in the DNS control panel so that we could verify any IP addresses before we would just trust each Active Directory. At that time, we changed the Windows Active Directory to native mode as all clients were Windows Vista Business edition. Windows Vista Business is designed for Active Directories and designed to be added to a domain. Keep in mind, Windows Vista Home will not allow you to add the computer to the domain and this can make administration a challenge. Adding the computer accounts to Windows Active Directory allows you to mange a group of computers with simple administration and controls each organization unit from a central location. The customer has been happy since this large network upgrade and said that Bay Business Edge is one of the most efficient Tampa Bay IT firms they have ever used in their over 25 years in business.


If you need assistance with any type of Network Server or other Server support please give us a call. We specialize in Server Virtualization and Server Consolidation. We offer a free consultation to all business customers. Toll Free: 888-333-9340


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