IT Outsourcing for Small Business
stop wasting money on full time IT staff and costly hourly IT companies


IT Outsourcing in a Nutshell: IT Outsourcing is contracting an outside company to manage your IT related service needs. Instead of having a full time employee with benefits, vacation time, insurance and taxes, you can hire a company like Bay Business Edge for less than 20% the cost of an employee. On top of the cost savings, you will have a variety of specialists available to make sure your systems are always secured and running optimally.  



Why Outsource: IT Outsourcing is one of the fastest ways to lower your IT expenses, while at the same time improving your IT performance. Most small businesses with under 50 computers don't need a full time employee or a costly bill by the hour IT service company to manage their network and workstations. With IT Outsourcing you pay a fixed monthly rate, no matter how often you need our services, this allows you to keep your employees functioning at 100%.


Gone are the days where you need to live with IT problems, due to fear of getting a big bill.


In some cases depending on the complexity of your environment, a full time IT person is required, but to be sure, we recommend having a free IT Outsourcing consultation to see if we can save you money. If we determine you're a good candidate, we guarantee we can save you money every month or our service is free, call and ask about our "Lower Your IT Bill Guarantee".

IT Outsourcing Cost: The cost of IT Outsourcing depends on the number of workstations, servers and locations you currently have. We offer flat rate IT Outsourcing so you will know exactly what you are paying per month, which means no surprises at the end of the month. We guarantee your IT service bill is the same every month, whether you call us 100 or 1,000 times.



IT Outsourcing - Approximate Monthly Costs

10-20 Computers: $399 to $999 a month 

20-30 Computers: $999 to $1999 a month 
30-40 Computers: $1999 to $2699 a month 
40-50 Computers: $2699 to $3499 a month





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