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We are Tampa Bay's VMWare experts. Bay Business Edge specializes in high level server consolidation and server virtualization. We have network engineers skilled in converting physical servers into virtual servers using cutting edge VMware technology. Our VMware technology solutions will help you plan for future growth and save on server hardware. We can convert any Windows based server to VMware which is capable of storing multiple Windows servers on one rack mountable / tower server. This makes using a Co-Location facility much cheaper due to reduction in physical servers needed.


For example, if you have three physical servers you will need to update hardware on three physical boxes. We provide a solution to consolidate all three boxes in to one physical box. That itself doesn't sound like a viable solution, but when you implement VMWare ESX and VMWare VSphere Server technology you end up with a performance gain by allocating resources to each guest server as needed. VMWare has also released new embedded version of VMWare ESX and VMWare VSphere Server, which allows for even better integration, performance and management.


Find out how much your small business could save using virtualization combined with having your server offsite.



VMWare ESX and VSphere Migration Services
Migrating from Windows 2003 Server to Windows 2008 using VMWare ESX
Migrating Windows 2000 Server to VMWare ESX Colocation Server
Migrating Windows 2003 Server to VMWare ESX Colocation Server
Migrating Multiple Servers to Single Server using VMWare ESX Colocation Server
Migrating Windows 2007 Server to VMWare ESX Colocation Server








Recent VMWare Server Virtualization Project


Server Migration to Rack Servers for Relocation

Conversion of 12 Windows 2003 server running IIS and NLB. We had 12 physical servers and needed to migrate all servers to a virtual environment for two reasons: 1) the client was moving all servers to our co-location hosting facility 2) the client needed a good disaster recovery plan and room for future growth without adding server hardware. We selected two servers with dual-procs and with a SAN in between with direct attached storage with the SAN used as a place to store all the VMS. To clone the physical servers we used VMWare converter and cloned each physical server to a virtual server. With 6 VMS running from server A and 6 VMS running on server B. Both the VMS on server a and server b were setup with an NLB cluster so in the event of a failure on server A or Server B the network environment would not be effected. Since the SAN and the new Dell servers were all 2 units (2U) which made it possible to minimize rack space needed.




Recent VMWare Server Virtualization Project


Large PR Firm Conversion of 4 Windows 2008 Servers to Single Rack Server

Bay Business Edge was recently hired to complete a large migration of 4 physical servers located at the PR Firms main office to a offsite Co-Location facility. After a very in depth look at the current server setup we decided to go with a Dell Poweredge server with RAID. The server is rack mountable so it can be used in any Co-Location facility and it is expandable if storage ever needed to be increased in the future. Next we went onsite to their office and created images of each server using VMWare and these images were stored on encrypted hard drives for travel to the Co-Location. After arrival at the Co-Location the images were installed onto the new server in our facility and tested to confirm that the transfer and image restore was successful. This company has since had 3 new VMWAre based servers to their new server and has plans to add more due to the low cost of expansion.




Recent VMWare Server Virtualization Project


Physical to Virtual Conversion Project for Large Insurance Company

This client needed a development staging area for software testing. The task was to setup for 4 different environments for software release testing. The environments are UAT (User Acceptance Testing), QA (Quality Assurance), TST (Test) and MDL (Model). This project required 40 servers running IIS and Microsoft SQL Server. We used two Dell Poweredge Servers with quad processors, 64GB of ram and Raid 5 with using a PERC controller. For our storage solution we used a 15k SAS SAN with a fiber backbone solution. The task of cloning each physical server was done with VMWare Converter and was accomplished by performing a live clone of each production environment. Since we were able to use the live clone function we didn't have any downtime and everything was able to be performed during production hours.


Tech Notes on This Project: After cloning the production environment we then used the VMware infrastructure client to clone each guest VM (Virtual Machine) into the different development environments. The tool SYSPREP was used for each server to ensure that the SID was destroyed and no two servers had the same SID after the project was completed. When converting physical servers into virtual servers it's important to install VMware tools on the guest and to run SYSPREP when performing a clone. After prep start with a base image and then clone using the VMware infrastructure client from your base image. The SID of the Microsoft Windows 2003 operating system is what allows the server to be identified on the network behind the NetBIOS name of the operating system.



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