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Bay Business Edge, Inc. is one of the leading providers of computer repair and IT services in Dunedin, Florida. We have achieved this title by providing excellent IT support and customer service. Bay Business Edge is a one-stop IT service company that offers computer repair, network service, server repair and installation, wireless networking service, offsite data backup, and IT Outsourcing. 


If your business is located in Dunedin we will beat any competitor by 10% to earn your business and we will give you the best IT service GUARANTEED. Our price match applies to any computer repair service, service plans, network service, server virtualization, VMWare consulting, VMWare VSphere, VPS hosting, off site data backup and any other IT related services.




Dunedin Network Support and Server Maintenance / Installation



All of our network support engineers are focused on security, performance and stability. Each network engineer employed by Bay Business Edge goes through an exhaustive screening process to ensure your network is not compromised by your IT service company. Before being hired they must possess significant real world experience in the field, be certified with Microsoft and have excellent customer service skills.


We can handle networks of any size and we cover the entire city of Dunedin including the Main Street area, Downtown, the service district (Douglas) and everywhere in between. Each network engineer carries the software needed to get your server back up and running with minimal down time.


Bay Business Edge supports Windows Server 2011, Microsoft 2000 Server, Microsoft 2003 Server, Microsoft Windows 2008 Server, Citrix, Microsoft Exchange Server, Linux, Redhat, Unix and all other network operating systems.


Our Network support covers hardware as well including wired routers, wireless routers, Cisco routers, redundant routers, Sonicwall's, Symantec Firewall's, Gigabit switches, 10/100/1000 routers and switches, VOIP equipment and much more. For a Free Network Consultation - Click Here




Dunedin Computer Repair and Computer Service



We offer full computer, laptop, desktop tower, notebook, PDA and other computer equipment service and repair. All of our services are guaranteed and if it is not fixed we will not charge you to come back out like most of our competitors. All of our technicians are experienced in Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP Home, Windows XP Pro, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Apple, Mac, Redhat and more. Read more about Dunedin computer repair.





Recent Dunedin IT Business Service Project


Upgrade Server to Windows 2003 Server Active Directory


How we did it: The first step was to install DNS and setup setup forwarders for outside domain name lookups. DHCP was also setup for internal LAN clients. The customer wanted to setup Windows Server Group Policies, so we setup 4 different organizational units. When setting up Windows 2003 Active Directory services and above you must ensure that each client computer is using the internal DNS server. This is necessary for basic computer name resolution inside the private network. We configured DHCP because it was the best solution to add the scope range that included the router settings. One important thing to keep in mind is if you are running any clients that are not Windows 2000 or above you should not move your domain to "Native Mode" by default Windows 2000 Active Directory, Windows 2003 Active Directory, Windows 2008 Active Directory are come configured in mixed mode. It may also be necessary to keep WINS (Windows Internet Naming Server) installed until all of your clients are Windows 2000 Professional and above.


This client has Windows 2000 Professional clients, Windows XP clients and Windows Vista Business edition clients but none were prior than Windows 2000 so running wins was not needed. WINS is an inefficient service to have on your network and best to avoid installing unless you absolutely have to. Group policies were setup for each department for this customer. Different rights on the computer settings were changed depending on department. For example, we setup a software package to be deployed to the accounting computers and locked the accounting department out of internet explorer settings. All of these settings can be controlled from the group policy of each organizational unit. It’s best to have different organizational units in Active Directory and then move the group of computers under each. For this client we setup an organizational unit for accounting, sales, managers and customer service. This is also useful for having a friendly dashboard to control the different computers in different departments. In another article we talk about a recent setup of Microsoft system essentials. Be sure to check that out as it adds additional value to Active Directory services.


If you need assistance upgrading a Dell Poweredge Server or other server please give us a call. We specialize in Server Virtualization and Cloud Computing. We offer a free consultation to all business customers. Toll Free: 888-333-9340


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