Virus and Spyware Protection & Removal Service
servers, workstations, computers, laptops and notebooks


Virus and spyware protection is something that every business should have at the top of their IT policy. Over the past 3 years spyware has caused billions of dollars in lost productivity and service fees for business owners. Here at Bay Business Edge we take a different approach than most IT service companies. We block malware, spyware and viruses before they even get into your network. This is one of our most popular services and has saved Tampa Bay business owners tens of thousands in lost productivity.



Spyware and Virus Protection System Features
Firewall Filter
Server Side Anti Virus and Anti Spyware
Workstation Monitoring and Scanning
Automated Critical Updates
Memory Scanning
Network Traffic Monitoring
User Restrictions for Employees
Employee Internet Usage Monitoring




Spyware and Virus Symptoms in a Business Environment


Spyware and Virus Symptoms in a Business Environment : Are your employees complaining that their computers are running extremely slow? Are Internet home pages changing to something new? Does the Internet take a long time to open website's for your employees causing productivity slow down?


If so Bay Business Edge specializes in Spyware and Virus removal, prevention and monitoring. Every technician carries around the latest spyware and antivirus software tools to make sure that your problems are fixed fast and permanently. We make sure that your computers are fully protected after any spyware or virus removal.




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