Network Security and Server Security Experts
we can inspect, audit and secure your network servers


Bay Business Edge uses cutting edge hardware and software tools to monitor ever packet of data that flows into and out of your network. Our security team goes through thousands of security alerts on a daily basis to ensure our customers network security. We use a blend of logging, remote monitoring of your router / firewall, remote monitoring of your network server and web server to make sure their is no hole for a potential attack.


If you have recently ended a working relationship with an employee, contractor or vendor we can come in and secure your network and servers. Our Network Server Engineers will inspect and audit your entire network to check for any security holes. We will seal any possible holes and give you a full report of what is found.


Bay Business Edge will make sure your network is secure, but we take it a step farther. We can secure everything related to your IT systems, which includes the following:



Network Server Security Services
Intrusion Detection
Email Security Auditing
User Account Security
Server Data Access
Employee Internet Usage
Website Files and Databases
Wireless Access Security
Intrusion Prevention
VMWare Security




You will have an added layer of protection from illegal downloading, hackers, cyber criminals, spyware, viruses, disgruntled employees, industry competitors and more. Please signup for a free Network Consultation to learn more about your network enviroment.



We also offer Exchange 2003 Server 16gb Limitation, server administration, server maintenance, network service plans, Microsoft Exchange Server, lost password recovery, data recovery, virtual server, server migration and much more.


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