Windows 7.0 Service and Support
technical support, upgrade service, repair


Bay Business Edge, Inc. offers full service and support to all versions of Microsoft Windows 7.0 (Starter, Home Premium, Professional and Ultimate). If you need support, service or repair to your Windows 7.0 operating system we can help you. Our technicians have been trained in all new features, installation support, upgrade assistance and general repair and service needs.


We can fix a large quantity of problems with Windows 7.0 including virus infection, spyware infection, data loss, operating system errors, internet problems, printer problems, wireless connection errors and much more. Our computer technicians can fix your Dell, Compaq, HP (Hewlett Packard), IBM, Acer, Gateway, Emachine, Toshiba, Sony or custom built Windows 7 based computer without voiding the manufacturer warranty.



Windows 7.0 Benefits and Features
Multitask more easily.
Browse the web easily and more safely.
Find files and programs instantly.
Open programs and files you use most in a click or two.
Connect to any available wireless network in just three clicks.
Navigate lots of open windows more quickly.
Easily share files on your network.
Print to a single printer from any PC in the office.
Organize files and documents effortlessly.





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