Server Consolidation
consolidate multiple physical servers to a single server


Bay Business Edge, Inc. specializes in virtual server migration and consolidation. With the recent advances in virtualization, server consolidation has not only become affordable, but it can bring IT costs down a considerable amount. The primary goal for server consolidation is to take multiple physical servers and move them to a single server. This allows you to save money on hardware maintenance, upgrades, administration and rack space costs.


Another benefit to server consolidation is that it allows you to have a more robust disaster recovery / backup system in place. Using VMware's replication tools, we can setup live replication of your virtual servers to another server in your office or in another location (data center, satellite office.) With live replication running, if one of your virtual servers or all of them crash, you can have the other server take over without missing a beat. In the past, this was possible, but very costly because of the need for multiple physical servers.



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